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All dogs are different! And this means some need to run around their yard in the mornings and some only need 30 mins of cuddles or socializing in the afternoons to stay comfortable and content while you're out and about. Whichever your dog may be, we can accommodate! We're always happy to discuss your pet's unique needs to ensure they get the best possible care. Read more about what we offer below.

Dog Walking

1 dog, $25 per visit

2 dogs, + $5

3 dogs, + $10

Just like us, dogs need exercise to stay healthy, happy and agile! Mid-day walks are perfect for dogs in need of exercise and/or relief while you're away during the day. Not to mention, walking provides mental exercise to help keep dogs with separation anxiety calm and comfortable. Our dog walks are finished with fresh water, administering meds if needed, and a treat you provide if requested!

Walk duration - 60 minutes

Extended dog walks are available upon request

Pet Sitting

Overnight stay - $75

Drop-in visits -

Pricing varies 

In-home pet sitting can eliminate the stress your pets may experience from boarding kennels. We offer overnight stays and all day long sitting so your pets can stick to their regular routine in a stress-free environment with familiar surroundings. This service typically includes your evening routine of walking and feeding, an overnight stay, lots of TLC and playtime with the next day's morning routine. We'll reinforce any training you're currently working on and make sure your pup has a blast!


Our drop-in visit times are flexible - we work with you to find a schedule (time, duration, frequency, routine) that works best for you.

RV Park & Campsite Visits

Pricing varies by service & location

As both adventurers and dog lovers, we know how tricky traveling with pets can be! That's why we'll be offering pet sitting and drop-in visits while you're on the road. These services will be available in the North Florida Panhandle area. Let us know if you're planning a trip with a specific park in mind!

The complete list of parks we can visit is coming soon!

Agility Classes and Field Rental

30 mins - $20

1 hour - $30

$120 for 4 weeks

Need a place to practice your agility skills? We have a grass 60' x 85' agility field you can rent to use for yourself or with friends. Our field has a 4' safety fence around the field and rubberized contacts, too! If you're interested in a ring rental, call, text or message.

Classes usually begin at the beginning of each month and last for 4 weeks. Currently offer foundations, skills and drills and coursework. 

Basic Obedience & Manners

30 mins - 

Pricing varies

What's better than a traveling trainer? Let us come to you and help teach your dog in their own environment. We're able to cover everything from basic obedience (commands like come, stay, sit, down) building up to more advanced off-leash commands using shaping and clicker training techniques. 

Pet Transportation

Pricing varies by service & location

Avoid the hassle of taking your pet to the vet or groomer (or wherever!) by scheduling a pet taxi. If you've got a busy day planned, we've got this part covered!

Dog Walking
Pet Sitting
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