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About Adventures in Tyme


Hi there! I'm Shari Sylvia,

a dog lover & adventure enthusiast

I’ve been a licensed pharmacist for over 33 years but recently, I've felt it was time to make a change and do something I'm passionate about - working with animals!

I own two Australian shepherds, Tyme and Rush, and a Border Collie named Sneakers.. plus a cat, Snickers! My life has always been filled with a variety of pets. After graduating college, I got my first sheltie and we began competitive obedience. I've trained and competed in multiple different dog sports like agility, obedience, herding, barn hunt, and conformation over the years, earning numerous championships with my dogs.

My husband and I enjoy camping with our dogs and feel there is a need for a pet sitter or dog walker at campgrounds. I've heard from people they are afraid to leave their fur babies alone when they go sightseeing or out on an adventure. They worry about their pets with separation anxiety barking, being able to administer medication at a certain time, or even about the electricity failing while they're gone. This is how my idea came about. Adventures in Tyme can solve this problem by being there for your four-legged loved ones when you can't be. Our goal is to lighten your load when you're on the road. I'd love the opportunity to do this for you and your pups! All the best,

Shari + Tyme


"Shari truly loves dogs and wants the best for them. She is very trustworthy and professional, and I would trust my treasured dogs with her."



"I've known Shari for years, she is an excellent dog trainer. I'm so excited that she is putting her experience with dogs to offer the highest quality dog care services to the Tallahassee area."



 "I have trained and trialed agility dogs with Shari for probably 15 years. She is a good, trustworthy friend and knowledgeable trainer."


What Pet Owners Say

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